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Sports therapy is a type of physical therapy that focuses on 
preventing injury, as well as restoring individuals back to
optimum levels of functional and sports-specific fitness.

Here at Embody Fitness, we use the latest research and techniques in sports therapy and sports recovery to ensure that professional, semi-professional and amateur athletes stay at the top of their game at all times and are able to perform at their best.

Our expert personal trainers each boast an extensive knowledge of sports and exercise science. Using their years of experience in training Olympic athletes, celebrities and sports players from across multiple disciplines, they apply the most advanced principle of sports therapy to create personalised programmes that guarantee results.
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Since we opened in London eight years ago, thousands of people have completed our award-winning body transformation programmes and changed their lives for the better. Plus, since we opened our Dubai branch in 2017, hundreds more have done the same in this great city that we’re lucky enough to call home.

Most significantly, the majority of our clients have continued to train with us and remain part of the Embody family long after completing their fitness goals. We offer a welcoming, nurturing and sustainable approach to fitness that you’ll find nowhere else.

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Whether you are passionate about running, cycling, swimming, 
team sports or any other endurance style event, sports
recovery is tremendously important for athletes of all levels.

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It doesn’t matter if you have been exercising for as long as you can remember or you’ve only just joined a gym in the last few weeks, practicing proper recovery and training your muscles to avoid potentially damaging injuries brings multiple benefits.

Sports recovery is an essential part of any training programme, and it plays a key part in all our body transformation, fat loss and muscle-building plans.

Resting and recovering between your workouts helps your muscles and connective tissues repair faster. This means you can train harder in your gym sessions, and as a result reach a greater level of fitness and gain the physique you desire much quicker than without recovery.
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Doing a form of active recovery after your workout, for instance some kind of low-impact exercise such as walking, swimming or cycling, can help your muscles remove any waste products that were produced during your session, and deliver fresh blood and nutrients to the muscles and tendons that need repairing.

However, if you fail to allow time for recovery, then you may well start to suffer from overtraining syndrome.Thought to affect roughly 60% of elite athletes and 30% of non-elite endurance athletes, the side effects of overtraining include increased body fat, a higher risk of dehydration and fluctuating mood and emotions.

But with our experienced sports therapists you will always be in good hands. You will receive a own comprehensive recovery programme that’s specifically tailored to your body, and our team will ensure that your body gets all the rest and recovery time it needs to reach peak performance and smash all your fitness goals.


A sports massage is proven to help improve your body’s rate of recovery in a number of ways.

Firstly, sports massage therapy relaxes the muscles and increases their permeability. This helps them remove damaging lactic acid and absorb vital oxygen and nutrients that are used in the recovery process.

A sports massage can also relieve your body of any built-up tension or stress. Our talented massage therapists will help you stretch your muscles in new and unusual ways, and break down any scar tissue that may negatively impact your muscles and ligaments and slow down your recovery process by causing further injury or pain.
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Our personal training team has changed the lives of thousands of clients and we’d love to do the same for you.


Located in two of the most enviable locations, 
we're based inside the private and elegant Lamborghini Dubai building and the prestigious Brookfield Place, DIFC.

Our luxury gyms are all about convenience; avoid walking across public carparks in the sun and wasting precious time looking for a place to park by making the most of our complimentary VIP underground parking, reserved exclusively for our clients and located directly beneath the building. Open daily from 6am until 9pm, you can look forward to arriving in style and smash your one-on-one training sessions at a time that suits you.



A sports therapist is a health professional able to utilise sports and exercise principles to optimise performance and injury prevention programmes.
Sports massage is proven to release and reduce tension in muscles whilst improving blood circulation around the body. It can also promote recovery by flushing out metabolic by-products.
The best recovery technique for athletes and even non-athletes is SLEEP. All other recovery techniques are negligible if you are not getting enough sleep. Science has shown that sleep not only accelerates recovery but also prevents disease, illnesses, and anxiety. 8 hours per night is optimal and bedtime should be before midnight.
During cold water immersion, the body reacts by constricting the blood vessels and reducing blood flow into the muscle. This, in turn, reduces the swelling response which is particularly important during congested training periods.
Infrared saunas penetrate the skin deeper than traditional warm air saunas. The hot environment causes vasodilation which allows blood to move quicker into the muscle and remove metabolic by-products caused by exercise.


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With our personal training team by your side, it’s all possible in as little as 8 weeks.
It all starts with a simple decision today to become the best version of yourself. We’ll take care of the rest. Join us today and start that journey to a better you.
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