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Our strength and conditioning coaches can help you shape a lean,
muscular physique & transform your body in just 8 to 12 weeks.


Our strength and conditioning coaches can help you shape a lean, muscular physique & transform your body in just 8 to 12 weeks.
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With the plan that guarantees results

There’s a lot of science behind building a strong, lean and healthy physique, and it certainly takes more than just lifting heavy weights.

To do it properly, you need a specialised kind of strength based personal training and a customised nutritional plan that’s been adapted to suit your body, goals and lifestyle. Through a tried-and-tested combination of training, nutrition and recovery, our private one-on-one programmes provide you with a results-driven, easy-to-follow fitness plan that will help you achieve your goals safely. But remember, health is about more than just the number on the scales.

Our strength and conditioning programmes also focus on complete body composition, agility and flexibility. So, whether you’re training for a sporting or athletic event, hoping to get in shape for a wedding, or just want to feel happier and healthier in everyday life, come and tell us your goals and we’ll make sure we deliver the results.

We even have a dedicated facility offering the best ladies-only gym in Dubai, complete with an expert team of elite female personal trainers, including ex-Olympic athletes and highly-trained professionals.
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Without drastically altering your daily routine

Our plans are exceptionally flexible and designed to fit naturally into your daily schedule. With us, it can take as little as three hours of exercise a week to achieve exceptional results. So, no matter how often you travel, how hectic your job is, or what commitments you have with your family, we’ll find the perfect programme to suit your lifestyle. After all, health and wellness should fit smoothly into your life – not disrupt it.


A complete, five-step approach to rapid,
lasting fat loss

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1. Comprehensive initial assessment

Your personalised plan begins with a thorough physical assessment, including body composition and fat percentage, full movement analysis and screening.
We’ll also provide you with a personalised and easy-to-follow nutrition programme.

2. Personalised nutrition and supplementation

Nutrition and supplementation are the foundation of your new, lean body. Our team of qualified nutritionists provide you with a simple, personalised and effective nutrition plan that’s easy to integrate into your busy lifestyle, and also doesn’t require hours of work in the kitchen. For extra busy professionals, we even deliver to your door through our partnerships with Dubai’s freshest and most delicious meal delivery services.

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3. One-on-one personal training

Train in Dubai’s most exclusive, premium olympic standard gym with your own expert personal coach. Always there by your side to offer support, advice and motivation, our team of ex-athlete British coaches are highly sought after by celebrities, professional athletes and busy professionals due to the exceptional results they achieve. Offering dynamic, fun and ever-evolving workouts, their training methods will help you reach your goals and maintain your new lifestyle in the long term.

4. In-house rehab, sports therapy and massage

Injuries can be major roadblocks to building a muscular physique. Our highly skilled sports and massage therapists will keep your body in optimum condition and ensure that you maintain consistent progress.

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5. Constant, real-time monitoring and reporting

Every few weeks, we’ll re-assess your results and adjust your training programme and nutrition plan accordingly. By staying constantly focused on the figures you’re achieving, we ensure that you keep making progress and that you never plateau.
This regular re-assessment further confirms the progress you’ve made, backing up what you can already clearly see in the mirror.


Embark on a journey of transformative results within our state-of-the-art fitness facility

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You’ll feel it from the first moment you step inside Embody Fitness. The instant boost of inspiration and positivity tells you that we’re no ordinary gym. In fact, we’re Dubai’s only Olympic-standard private luxury gym.

Fitted with bespoke high-performance equipment, designated workout zones and a performance track, our gym is a focused environment designed with one singular goal in mind: to motivate you to achieve exceptional physical results.
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No matter what else is happening in your stress-filled, busy world, entering Embody Fitness makes it all disappear.

Your focus is totally centred on the physical challenge ahead, and this means your mind can experience a rare moment of absolute peace.




Our team is made up of UK-certified, ex-olympic athletes and world-renowned coaches

Our male and female coaches are sought after by the world’s top athletes and Olympic medalists. But don’t let their credentials intimidate you – they’re also highly skilled at working with all levels of experience, whether you’re just starting out or a regular gym goer.

The Embody team is made up of the best personal trainers in Dubai. They will push you to new levels and beyond your limits. Attentive and thorough, they’ll guide you through every lift, pull, push and step, all whilst educating, challenging and motivating you.
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The results... They are simply astonishing
With our personal training team by your side, it’s all possible in as little as 8 weeks.
It all starts with a simple decision today to become the best version of yourself. We’ll take care of the rest. Join us today and start that journey to a better you.
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