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Ruth's Journey: From Fast Food to 
Fit and Fabulous

Ruth's Journey: From Fast Food to Fit and Fabulous

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Ruth, a 44-year-old head of HR for an international law firm, has been living in Dubai for 15 years. Her demanding job left her little time to focus on her health, leading to a habit of ordering fast food from Deliveroo. "I was eating a lot of fast food, larger portions than I needed, and sitting all the time," Ruth recalls. Over time, she noticed her fitness declining, her weight increasing, and her overall health deteriorating. The turning point came when she found herself unable to fit into her clothes, resorting to wearing random outfits to work. "I knew I had to do something," she admits.

Working in ICD Brookfield Place, Ruth often saw advertisements for Embody and decided to check out their website. Intrigued by what she saw, she decided to give it a try. The structured and high-quality training at Embody exceeded her expectations.

 "This has been a lot more structured, far better quality training, and really just more than I expected I could ever do,"

Ruth's favorite part of the program has been working with her trainer, James. "James has been fantastic; he's made it fun, but he knows how to challenge me as well," she says. Within a few weeks, Ruth started to feel a difference in her clothes. "Probably about a month, six weeks in, the trousers I couldn't put on for a long time, they were going on," she recalls with satisfaction.

The transformation has been profound. "Physically, I feel fit, I feel energetic, and I'm feeling a lot more confident because of the changes that I've made to both my body and my diet," Ruth says. Her achievements are impressive: she lost 11.5 kg, reduced her waist by 15 cm, and decreased her body fat by 11%.

 "I was absolutely over the moon. I didn't expect it to be such a significant change. It was huge. I felt really proud,"

Ruth's journey with Embody has redefined her life, both physically and mentally. "It's making me feel a lot better," she shares. She encourages anyone looking to make a change to commit to the process. "I'd say they're not possible without some commitment and hard work, but they're very possible. I did it," Ruth affirms. "If it's something that they want to make a change and are willing to make that commitment, do it because all of the support's there, it's fun, it makes it easy, and the results are really, really worthwhile."

Ruth's story is a testament to the power of dedication and the transformative impact of personal training. Her journey with Embody has brought her back to a place of health, confidence, and happiness.


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