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  • Life-changing results in as little as 8 weeks
  • A fun, varied schedule that fits your lifestyle
  • The best male fat-loss fitness trainers in Dubai


“The best gym in Dubai for personal training”

“The gym is top notch… state of the art training”

“The best gym in Dubai for personal training”



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We help them smash it

Whether you’re stuck behind a desk all day, eating on the run or endlessly travelling for business, it’s easy for your wellbeing to drop down your list of priorities and end up gaining unwanted body fat.

Our busy, modern lifestyles can have a damaging effect our health, and it’s not uncommon to end up stuck in a rut. On top of that, trying to navigate your way through complicated diets and do-it-yourself workouts can seem like a never-ending challenge. So, why not let us do the work for you and help you make your health and wellbeing a priority again?

Embody’s complete fat-loss workout and nutrition programmes are specifically tailored to your body, your schedule and your goals. Built around advanced training, nutrition, sports therapy and 24-hour support, they’re purposefully designed to be fitted in and around lifestyle and travel commitments to get you the results you want as quickly as possible.



Without drastically altering your daily routine

Our plans are exceptionally flexible and you’ll find that they naturally become part of your routine. With us, it can take as little as three hours of exercise a week to achieve exceptional results. So, no matter how often you travel, how hectic your job is, or what commitments you have with your family, we’ll find the perfect fat loss diet and workout plan for a male, specially suited to your lifestyle. After all, working out and eating well should fit smoothly into your life – not disrupt it.

Client training to achieve results at Embody Fitness

A comprehensive approach to rapid and long-lasting weight loss

Our team of experts will create a tailor-made plan just for you. Guaranteed to deliver quick, yet sustainable results, we’ll provide you with a detailed healthy fat loss meal plan and monitor your results every few weeks. Meanwhile, our expert strength and conditioning coaches will work one-on-one with you on the gym floor to ensure that you achieve the very best results possible. They’ll also be in regular contact with you, offering advice, answering any questions and supporting you every step of the way.

1. 1. Thorough assessment; tailored plans

Your personalised fat loss programme is built around your body and your goals. We start the process by analysing your body composition and fat percentage, taking you through a complete movement screening process and developing a tailored meal plan, complete with supplements, that will help you to best achieve your goals.

2. Personalised nutrition and supplementation

Proper nutrition and supplementation are vital if you want to uncover a fitter, leaner body. Our team of qualified nutritionists provide you with a simple, personalised and effective fat loss meal plan tailored for males, that’s easy to integrate into your busy lifestyle, and also doesn’t require hours of work in the kitchen. For extra busy professionals, we’ve partnered with Dubai’s best healthy meal delivery services to bring nutritious dishes to your door at a time that suits you.

3. One-on-one personal training

Our fitness trainers in Dubai operate on a whole different level to the rest of the industry. Highly experienced and passionate about your wellbeing, they’ll always be by your side to offer support, advice and motivation. Due to the exceptional results they deliver, our team of ex-Olympic and professional British coaches are highly sought after by celebrities, professional athletes and busy professionals across the city. Dynamic, fun and ever evolving, their training methods will help you achieve life-changing results that you can maintain in the long term.

4. In-house rehab, sports therapy and massage

Injuries can be major roadblocks to losing weight. Our highly skilled sports and massage therapists will keep your body in optimum condition throughout your programme and ensure that your fat loss journey has no reason to slow or falter.

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5. Constant, real-time monitoring and reporting

Every few weeks, we’ll assess your results and adjust your training programme and nutrition plan accordingly. By constantly focusing on your results, we ensure that you keep making progress and that your weight loss journey never has the chance to plateau. This regular re-assessment further confirms the progress you’ve made, backing up in figures what you can already clearly see in the mirror.





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“I enjoyed my experience at Embody so much that I’ve after finishing my programme, I’ve continued to train with them to make even further progress with my strength and physique. I’m now aiming to get my body fat below 10 percent! Thank you so much for changing my life Embody Fitness.”


“Since I joined Embody I’ve lost 16kgs and 15.5 percent body fat. I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, both in terms of how I look and health wise.”

Muscle and physique testimonial


“I love the approach of combining nutrition and supplementation with personal training and sports therapy (just in case of any muscle issues). It meant I had nothing to worry about and I knew that everything was being considered and accounted for along the way.”

Shakeel Testimonial


“When I saw my before and after images I was speechless. I’m completely amazed by what I’ve managed to achieve and I keep asking myself why I didn’t do this years ago. My coworkers and children have all been asking how I managed it.”


“I’m totally shocked by how much I’ve managed to transform myself. I cannot recommend Embody and the team highly enough. The results have been so dramatic that two of my colleagues have already been inspired to sign up for the same programme that I did, and they’re already achieving similar results. If you want to break out of a rut, remember it’s never too late to make real change. I’d really recommend giving Embody a go.”



male fat loss personal trainer dubai


Training at Embody will become the
best part of your week

At Embody Fitness you’re never at risk of finding yourself on a crowded, noisy, gym floor, waiting for equipment with an instructor who is just going through the motions. Our one-on-one sessions are specially tailored to you and guaranteed to achieve amazing results.

Private, quiet and spacious, we’ve always had significantly less footfall than a standard gym, Now, as daily life returns to normal, our 10,000 sq feet luxury gym has a maximum of capacity of just ten clients, ensuring you stay safe at all times.

The wellbeing of our clients and staff is paramount to us and you can find more details about our health and safety measures on our dedicated COVID-19 page.

Our trainers take a knowledgeable and logical approach, pushing you to new limits to achieve extraordinary results, but doing it in an unintimidating and encouraging way. Every session is designed to be fun and feel good. We’ll get to know you, make sure you enjoy every step of the journey and celebrate your new body with you at the end as well.


“…the best personal training gym…the go-to place for body transformations”
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“…where we send our celebrities for the best transformation results”
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I know from personal experience how many gyms and trainers promise results. My own continued disappointment was the main motivation behind me setting up Embody Fitness eight years ago.

Our number one priority is delivering results and that’s why we offer every client a free consultation.

Here, you can meet our experts and see for yourself what you can go on to achieve. All we ask for is 100 percent commitment from your side; you can leave the rest to us.

Start your life changing journey now.

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