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Here are the answers to the most common queries we receive at Embody Fitness...

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How much is the membership fee and what is the starting rate for personal training?

We don't have any membership fees; we offer one-on-one personal training sessions paid for by the hour, starting at 425 AED. The total cost of a personal training programme depends on the type of training and how much training you want to do with us.

Please let us know if you would like to book a free consultation with one of our Directors to find out more about our programmes and what we can help you achieve in 8-12 weeks.

What are your packages and what's included in them?

We are an award-winning fitness business specialising in body transformation programmes that deliver rapid results.

Our 8 and 12 week programmes are designed to deliver the most significant results in a short space of time and educate on the best ways to train and look after yourself for the rest of your life.

Our programmes include:

  • 24 or 36 x personal training sessions (depending on 8 or 12 week programme length)
  • Nutritional assessment including a body composition test
  • Full movement screening
  • Bespoke nutritional meal plan from our certified nutritionists
  • 3 times a week personal training with elite level coach
  • Body composition retests every 3 weeks to monitor results

Book a free consultation now with one of our Directors to find out more about our programmes and what you can achieve in 8-12 weeks.

How does it work? Can I just come in and pay straight away?

Yes you can. However, usually the first step is to book in for a complimentary consultation, this is an opportunity for you to see our facility first-hand and discuss your goals with one of our experts.

During/ after the consultation you will be able to sign up and pay for your programme. We will then get you booked in for your nutrition assessment and movement screening (1-hour duration). The results from this assessment will be used to design a bespoke training programme to help you achieve your goals, we will also then allocate you to your personal trainer. Your first training session will be booked in between a period of 24 - 48 hours after your assessment.

Book your free consultation today to get started!

What are your payment terms?

All of our body transformation programmes can be paid either up front or in monthly instalments. We accept cash and all major visa/ credit cards.

If I want to test your gym, can I have a trial session? (paid or complementary)

Yes, if you are interested in a paid trial session we can arrange this for you when you come in for your free consultation. You may be required to take our Movement Screening ahead of training.


What is the difference between a weight loss coach and a personal trainer?

A weight loss coach specialises in one aspect of health and fitness, whereas a personal trainer focuses on the holistic approach.

A personal trainer is with you every step of the way, helping you overcome whatever barriers get in the way of your wellness goals, inside and outside the gym. Having a Personal Trainer is about developing a relationship of trust where all aspects of health and fitness are addressed and solved, together as a team.

Is it possible to train at home?

To fully benefit from our programmes, all of our personal training sessions take place in our facility. We have a bright and spacious gym with state-of-the-art equipment, luxury changing rooms and showers with a selection of complimentary amenities.

If I sign up for a PT programme, can I still use the facility on my non training days to do some cardio or other workouts?
Are you a female only gym? Do you offer ladies-only training?

We do offer ladies-only private training and have a team of elite female personal trainers who will work with you exclusively to ensure you get the best results.

Our private studio is accessible directly from the ladies changing room and remains ladies-only for the duration of the session.

Can a male choose to work with a female personal trainer?
Is it possible for me to choose my own personal trainer from your team?

Yes - however, this is subject to their availability.

Rest assured, our team is formed of elite athletes and world-class performance coaches and body transformation specialists from around the world, each of which are renowned experts in their fields, and will give you the best advice and encouragement possible.

What happens if I don’t use all of my sessions in the 8 or 12 week period?

All of our sessions have a 6-month expiry period unless stated otherwise. If you need to go on holiday, or take time off due to work or illness, we will be able to pick up from where you left off in your programme.

Do you offer a 12 week body transformation program?

Yes, we offer 8 and 12 week body transformation programmes that will help you to achieve rapid fat loss, gain confidence and create a body and life you love. These are holistic programs that include various specialists, as well as a nutritional program to get you to where you need to be. Many of our services are structured to be long-term and educational while still assisting you in achieving your objectives.

What is the average cost for a body transformation programme + food delivery for a month?

Personal training sessions start at Embody Fitness at 425AED per session. We typically require our clients to come 3 times a week regularly to achieve the results we expect at Embody. Other services will then be tailored to you around your assessment, nutrition, & meal planning and your results will be regularly monitored throughout the programme to ensure you stay on track with our coaches.

The total programme cost would be around AED6-7k per month which would cover everything required to achieve the best results you will have seen from our clients at Embody. If you also require food delivered to you daily that has macros and calories calculated specifically for you and your goals, this can also be organised through one of our preferred food delivery partners and the cost would come up to around AED2-3k per month on average.

Can I just have nutrition guidance without personal training?

Yes, you are able to just have nutrition appointments with our team. A nutrition programme would include an initial assessment, body composition testing and a bespoke nutritional meal plan from one of our certified nutritionists.

Is a personal trainer worth it for weight loss?


What are the opening hours for Embody Fitness Dubai?

Our facilities are open from Sunday to Friday from 6am - 9pm and on Saturday mornings from 7am - 1pm

Where is the gym located in Dubai?

We are located on the first floor of the iconic Lamborghini building - on Sheikh Zayed Road.

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Can I train by myself in the gym?

Our Personal Training clients are able to book additional "solo" sessions in the private studio to add additional workouts to their routine - please contact us for more information on how to book these sessions.

Are there changing facilities in the gym?
Is there parking available for members?

Yes, we offer easy to access private parking in the Lamborghini building - available for all of our clients.

Edwin Mintah
Edwin Mintah
13. October, 2022.
I started my training program with Embody back in May 2022. I had a lot of skepticism and was pretty pessimistic about services like these because I had been trying for several months to achieve my fitness goals with no true success. I finally decided to give Embody a shot after doing research and seeing the results of previous clients. I enrolled in the 3 month program and after my initial consultation, I had a good feeling I was in the right place to achieve my fitness goals. I was assigned a personal trainer and a nutritionist who were very vital in helping me achieve my fitness goals. My trainer Ashley, was highly experienced in body transformation. He helped customized a workout regimen which pushed me every session to help reach my goals. The nutritionist John also put together a very well detailed and easy to follow nutrition plan, along with daily check ins and many others to make sure I stayed on track. At the end of my customized program, I was able to shed 15.6kg in 3 months and drop my body fat from 26.2 to 15.8. I am very happy with my results and will highly recommend this facility to anyone struggling to achieve their fitness goals because they will make sure they put you on the right path to achieve your goals. Your success is their ultimate motive and they proved that to me during my time there.
Gary Lyons
Gary Lyons
11. October, 2022.
Super gym
Dhru Achtani
Dhru Achtani
29. September, 2022.
I have been training with embody for some time. My current trainer Sari is exceptional. His knowledge and experience helps one to achieve great results.
Mathieu CARRÉ
Mathieu CARRÉ
28. September, 2022.
Having a great experience with Sari, Super nice guy, he’s very knowledgable, and keep good track of your progress !
Maryam G
Maryam G
28. September, 2022.
Embody as a whole was very professional and put together with its clear programs. I had joined the 8 week program where I’d met my trainer Sary and nutritionist John. Both were amazing to me during my time there. Sary had hand picked exercises that were best tailored to my goals as I could see my body change the way I wanted over the weeks. He was always encouraging me to do my best and I continue to do so now even after I’ve finished. I’ll probably go back for a few more sessions because it was the best! All while, John equipped me with good advice on food, sleep and recovery in general. Very good experience overall. Always made to feel at home at Embody.
Emiranda Winter
Emiranda Winter
27. September, 2022.
I did the 8 week transformation at Embody. I’ve never been to a gym before and was very apprehensive. I found Embody to have a different atmosphere, great management and wonderful people working there, and I got amazing results! Thanks to Charlotte and Imogen who trained me. Charlotte is a great trainer with a very empathetic nature who really pushed my physical strength. Imogen understood my needs from the onset and worked out a balanced circuit for me and also proved to me what I was capable of. I highly recommend Embody and especially my trainers Imogen and Charlotte!
Fabienne Buchard
Fabienne Buchard
26. September, 2022.
My trainer Sari has a true dedication and passion for his work. His knowledge, his professionalism and his kindness are making every session so enjoyable. I am a person who needs and enjoys to be challenged and I am really happy how Sari pushes and challenges me to bring me closer to my goals. Thanks Embody & Sari
JH Ebersohn
JH Ebersohn
26. September, 2022.
After not being active during for about 2 years I was searching for a gym which was well reputed and where results are guaranteed to kick start me back into training after covid. I came across embody fitness online and met Dave and decided to join. The gym facility is top class there is no doubt about it. My trainer Max has been guiding me and during our training every session I feel I’m doing the maximum that can be done in each session. During all exercises the trainers are there ensuring all movements are being done correctly, safely and at the optimum. Following the nutrition guidance, trusting the process and being consistent with the training results come naturally. It has been a great process and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their health, training and results.
Diksha Ahuja
Diksha Ahuja
26. September, 2022.
3 months ago I started exercising with Sari as my trainer in Embody Fitness.
Having tried multiple failed diets and workouts in the past, I decided to give Embody fitness a chance. The results I have experienced in the short span of 3 months is truly transformational. The Embody team know what they are doing! As for my trainer Sari, he’s been my biggest challenger yet loudest cheerleader. He has pushed me beyond what I have imagined, and yet known when to step back. The entire vibe at the gym is so supportive and collaborative. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start a fitness transformation journey. Don’t be scared, trust the Embody way.

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