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Achieve your fitness goals with qualified
ladies fitness trainers in Dubai’s most
luxurious private ladies only gym


“the best gym for real results from the industry’s leading experts”

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“The best gym in Dubai for personal training”

The Only Private Ladies Gym In Dubai Offering…

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    Fully personalised
    programmes, award-winning,
    life changing results

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    The only luxury and
    private ladies-only gym
    in Dubai

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    The friendliest and
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    The only ladies only
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Make Your Journey Whatever You Want it to Be

When ladies come to Embody to achieve their health and fitness goals,
they tell us their why… and everyone’s core reason is different.

Whether you want to lose a few kilograms to fit into some old clothes,
you have a hectic job schedule and simply want to get back into physical
activity… or perhaps it’s getting harder to keep up with the children.
Whatever your reason, when you tell us your why, we’re determined to
give you a way.

We understand that in this modern world, everything is fast-paced and
you’re busy. Trying to keep up with the demands of your family, travelling
and having a decent social life, it can be hard to fit it all in. It can be
all-too-easy to get stuck in a rut and let your health drop way down on
the list of priorities, leaving you to carry unwanted body fat and feel
uncomfortable in your clothes.

You know you want to make true, lasting change, otherwise in 2, 5, 10
years you’ll be further from where you want to be, and other health issues
start to kick in. Now is the time to make a change, without allowing it to
disrupt your life.



Without Drastic Upheaval to Your Life

Our programs are designed to be flexible and naturally become a part of your routine. All it takes is as little as 3 hours a
week to achieve exceptional results. So, no matter how often you travel, how hectic your job is, or the demands of your
family, we find the ideal balance to suit your lifestyle. After all, health and wellness should fit into your life – not disrupt it.

A Comprehensive Approach for Rapid, Lasting Fat Loss

Our team of experts work with you to ensure you are following a tailor made plan designed to deliver you rapid lasting fat loss results.
At Embody we provide a team of appropriate experts who work with you. A Director and qualified nutritionist advise you on your meal
plan and oversee your results every few weeks and a strength and conditioning expert personal trainer is responsible for your training and progress on the gym floor. They are all in contact with you 24/7 to ensure you have the best advise at the right times to support you every
step of the way to your results.

ladies only training in dubai
1. Comprehensive Assessment by our experts

Your personalised programme is built around you and your goals. Our team will analyse
your current body composition and fat percentage, undertake a thorough movement
screening and develop a fully personalised meal plan and supplement protocol to best
achieve your goals.

2. Personalised Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition and supplementation are the foundation of your new, lean body. Our in-house
qualified nutritionists provide you with a simple, personalised and effective nutrition
plan that easily integrates into your busy lifestyle and doesn’t require hours
of preparation in the kitchen. For extra busy professionals, we even deliver to your door
through our partnerships with Dubai’s best meal delivery companies to suit you.

ladies only personal training gym dubai
3. 1-on-1 Female Only Personal Training

Our personal trainers operate at a different level to the rest of the industry. Highly
experienced and passionate about helping you. Always by your side offering 24/7 support,
our ex-Olympic and professional British coaches are sought after by celebrities and
professional athletes for the exceptional results they deliver. They will work with you in a
motivating, dynamic and fun way to help you achieve life changing results for the long term.

ladies only personal training dubai
4. In-House Rehab, Sports Therapy and Massage

Injuries can be major roadblocks to losing weight. Our highly skilled sports and
massage therapists keep your body in optimum condition along the way so your fat
loss continues at speed.

5. Constant, Real-Time Monitoring & Reporting

Every few weeks, we’ll re-assess your results, adjusting your training programme and
nutrition plan. By never taking our focus off your results, we constantly push them
forward, ensuring they never plateau. This regular re-assessment reveals just how far
you’ve come – backing up what you already see in the mirror.

See What Our Clients Have To Say

Louise Testimonial


“Embody just changed everything in my life and made the training and nutrition so easy to follow. Hands down the best trainers I have ever worked with”

personal training weight loss gym

Sheikha Madiyah Al Maktoum

“I came to Embody suffering from tendonitus and other health issues. I trained here and within weeks all my pain was gone and and I was leaner and stronger than ever before. “


Training at Embody will Become The
Best Part of Your Week

At Embody Fitness you’re never at risk of being on a crowded noisy gym floor, waiting for equipment with an instructor who is just going through the motions.

Embody is highly personalised and individually tailored to yourgoals to deliver immediate and long last results.

A maximum of just 8 clients across our 10,000 square foot luxurygym ensures absolute discretion and privacy.

Our trainers take a knowledgeable and logical approach, pushingyou to new limits to get you extraordinary results without intimidation. Every session is designed to be fun, motivating and results orientated. We like to enjoy every session and then celebrate your results together.


Guiding and Supporting You Every Step of The Way

When you join Embody, you’re never thrown into a small, hot sweaty studio with an inexperienced trainer who’s aggressively shouting at you. That’s not our idea of motivation.

Our exclusive state-of-the-art facility boasts caring, passionate and highly knowledgeable female personal trainers who train from the heart and guide you in an empowered, judgement-free environment.

Originally hailing from the UK, our female trainers have decades of combined experience transforming the lives of our clients, from those who have never stepped inside a gym, to celebrities and world-renowned athletes. But don’t let our credentials intimidate you.

With our 1-on-1, by-your-side approach, our female personal trainers are highly skilled at working with all levels of experience. They will push you to new limits to get you extraordinary results without intimidation. Our sessions are fun, we like to have a laugh, and we work hard to give you the results you’ve been craving for years.


“the best gym with for real results from experts in the business”

“simply the most private and luxurious training facility in Dubai”ladies personal training dubai


Achieve rapid, life-changing results and experience a mind
and body transformation in total privacy with the best female
trainers in Dubai.

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