Are you a female only gym? Do you offer ladies-only training?

We offer both ladies-only private training, as well as a private mixed training facility.

We have a team of elite female personal trainers who will work with you exclusively to ensure you get the best results in our private studio, accessible directly from the ladies changing room. The studio remains ladies-only for the duration of the session.

If I sign up for a PT programme, can I still use the facility on my non training days to do some cardio or other workouts?

Our Personal Training clients are able to book additional "solo" sessions in the private studio to add additional workouts to their routine. We also offer unlimited, complimentary group classes with all of our personal training programmes.

Our signature class, Embody Burn, is a high-intensity metabolic conditioning class using HIIT and circuit-based approaches to increase your metabolism and rapidly burn fat.

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Is it possible to train at home with a personal trainer from your team?

To fully benefit from our programmes, all of our personal training sessions take place in our facility. We have a bright and spacious gym with state-of-the-art equipment, luxury changing rooms and showers with a selection of complimentary amenities including ESPA shower products.

What is the difference between a weight loss coach and a personal trainer?

A weight loss coach specializes in one aspect of health and fitness, whereas a personal trainer focuses on the holistic approach.

A personal trainer is with you every step of the way, helping you overcome whatever barriers get in the way of your wellness goals, inside and outside the gym. Having a Personal Trainer is about developing a relationship of trust where all aspects of health and fitness are addressed and solved, together as a team.

What do I look for in a personal trainer?

Any personal trainer you hire should be passionate about you, your journey and your long-term results. They should have direct experience and plenty of evidence of clients' results they have delivered previously to give you the confidence in working with them in a safe and professional environment. At Embody, we avoid this risk entirely by not just hiring personal trainers, but by seeking out the best professional sports coaches, ex-Olympic athletes, nutritionists, and sport therapists from around the world to ensure our team approach at Embody delivers the best personalised approach for you and your goals.