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Take your sports performance to the next level with our expert sports performance training programmes.

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Here at Embody, we know first-hand how much hard work, dedication and passion is required to be a successful athlete.
So, we decided to create our own series of dedicated sports performance training programmes in Dubai, curated to empower and uplift your performance. 

Whether you compete in cycling, swimming, running or any other athletic sport or discipline, our tailored eight-to-12-week sports performance programmes will help you pursue your goals and rise to the top of your chosen field. 

Combining sport specific strength, endurance and power training with comprehensive nutritional guidance, you won’t find a more comprehensive and effective sports performance training programme anywhere in Dubai.


Our team of experienced personal trainers have worked with Olympic athletes and high-profile sporting stars, and their tried-and-tested techniques are specifically designed to achieve unparalleled sporting success.

We tailor our athletic performance training programmes to suit each individual’s body, needs and goals, and they combine sport specific strength and conditioning with athletic development, nutrition and performance analysis.

Every client receives one-on-one attention, mentorship and accountability coaching from their own specialised
personal trainer and nutritionist, and with a maximum of 15 clients allowed on the Olympic quality, gym floor at any one time, you will always feel safe, comfortable and have plenty of room to train.

Our equipment is all state-of-the-art and Olympic standard, and many of our friendly and knowledgeable team are themselves ex-athletes in various different disciplines.

Through our programmes, we have helped hundreds of athletes from all kinds of disciplines gain more strength, power and endurance, and reach peak levels of success.
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Sports performance training brings numerous advantages that are crucial for any athlete.
This includes:
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1. A stronger body

Every sport requires a certain level of strength, but they vary according to which muscles need to be trained the most. Sports performance training ensures that you are strengthening and developing the right muscles in the right ways and tailoring your exercises specifically to your chosen discipline.
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2. Reduced chances of injury

Perhaps most importantly, sports specific resistance training reduces the chances of getting injured on the field. It prepares muscles and joints for the rigors of sports and enable them to cope with high-intensity bursts of exercise. Expert training also removes any chance of accidentally getting hurt in the gym, and it helps athletes understand their bodies and when they need time to rest and recuperate.
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3. Increased speed and power

One way that sports performance training tends to differ from regular physical training is that it focuses on teaching athletes how to control the forces of jumping, running, and gravity. Focusing on proper body alignment, landing, and stopping mechanics, it helps clients move more explosively and powerfully.
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4. Improved flexibility

Flexibility is critical for achieving maximum performance, avoiding injury and decreasing aches and discomforts such as back pain. Sports performance training works to improve each athlete’s flexibility, joint mobility and posture, which are all essential elements for sporting success.

5. Enhanced stamina

Throughout your eight-to-12-week programme, Embody’s certified sports performance coaches will teach you how to maintain consistent levels of energy and play or perform at your best throughout every minute of each competition.
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6. A positive mindset

Embody Fitness brings a 360-degree approach to fitness, and our talented sports professionals focus on training you both physically, and mentally. Your dedicated personal trainer will teach you how to persevere, never quit and overcome any emotions, fears or hurdles that are standing in your way.
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Analysis plays a key part in our sports performance programmes.
We begin the process by discussing your goals and aspirations, and running a thorough physical assessment. Your personal trainer will measure your body composition and fat percentage, and lead you through a full movement analysis and screening procedure. This data is then used to set your targets and create your own personalised, step-by-step, life-changing sports performance programme. For instance, if you have a specific event to train for, your programme will be tailored to get you ready in plenty of time.
Your nutrition is also analysed carefully, and we provide you with a customised meal plan that delivers all the protein, energy, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to perform at its best.

We also continue to analyse your results throughout every step of your programme. Every few weeks, your trainer and nutritionist will assess your results and adjust your plan to make sure you stay on track. By constantly focusing on your sports performance, we ensure that you keep making progress.

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Our Personal Trainers have changed the lives of thousands of clients and we’d love to do the same for you.
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"Before starting at Embody, I trained on my own five times a week and I never thought it would be possible to get results like this. Their whole approach is just on another level and the team are like family to me now."
12 weeks: Muscle and Physique Programme
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"Since I started my new job, I’ve managed to gain a lot of weight but Embody has changed absolutely everything about my life and created a training and nutrition plan that is so easy to follow. They’re hands down the best trainers I have ever worked with."
12 weeks: Female Fat Loss Programme
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"I’ve struggled with my weight for years and so I was very apprehensive about going to a gym. But the guys at Embody made me feel so welcome from the get-go. Their only goal is to help you change your life and they really have made a positive difference to mine, right from the very first session.”
20 weeks: Male Fat Loss Programme
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"Embody is totally different to other gyms in Dubai… it’s friendly, fun and very motivating. The trainers are so professional and they just know how to get you achieving amazing results in no time at all."
12 weeks: Female Fat Loss Programme
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“The thing that makes Embody so different to other gyms is how much they care about you. The whole team was there to support me every step of the way, not just while I was in the gym but throughout my busy week they were always on hand and looking after me. The support and dedication from them was something I hadn’t experienced before, and that’s why I achieved results I have never been able to achieve before.”
12 weeks: Muscle and Physique Programme
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"I’ve been going to various gyms for years, but I’ve never been able to get results I wanted. However, since I’ve started working out at Embody, my friends tell me I look like a different person. The results just speak for themselves."
10 weeks: Female Fat Loss Programme


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Located in two of the most iconic buildings, we're based inside the private and elegant 
Lamborghini Dubai building and the prestigious Brookfield Place, DIFC.
Our luxury gyms are all about convenience; avoid walking across public carparks in the sun and wasting precious time looking for a place to park by making the most of our complimentary VIP underground parking, reserved exclusively for our clients and located directly beneath the building. Open daily from 6am until 9pm, you can look forward to arriving in style and smash your one-on-one training sessions at a time that suits you.


What is sports performance training?

Sports performance training is performing training sessions aiming to enhance physical/mental performance towards a specific sport or goal.

Why is sports performance training important?

By designing and conducting sports specific training programs we can break down movements typically seen in various sports and put an athlete into a controlled environment whereby resistance, speed and ROM can be manipulated to make an athlete more robust and efficient in that particular skill.

What are the 4 main training factors related to sports performance?

Skill, Strength, Endurance, and Recovery.

What is sport specific training?

Sports specific training refers to planning and implementing effective training programs encompassing the principles of dynamic correspondence. This specificity towards a certain sport is essential to any strength and conditioning program.

What is a sports performance specialist?

A Sports performance specialist is someone who is able to encompass the principles of strength and conditioning whilst using correct application towards an athletes program and assessment protocols in order to reduce injury and enhance performance.

Edwin Mintah
Edwin Mintah
13. October, 2022.
I started my training program with Embody back in May 2022. I had a lot of skepticism and was pretty pessimistic about services like these because I had been trying for several months to achieve my fitness goals with no true success. I finally decided to give Embody a shot after doing research and seeing the results of previous clients. I enrolled in the 3 month program and after my initial consultation, I had a good feeling I was in the right place to achieve my fitness goals. I was assigned a personal trainer and a nutritionist who were very vital in helping me achieve my fitness goals. My trainer Ashley, was highly experienced in body transformation. He helped customized a workout regimen which pushed me every session to help reach my goals. The nutritionist John also put together a very well detailed and easy to follow nutrition plan, along with daily check ins and many others to make sure I stayed on track. At the end of my customized program, I was able to shed 15.6kg in 3 months and drop my body fat from 26.2 to 15.8. I am very happy with my results and will highly recommend this facility to anyone struggling to achieve their fitness goals because they will make sure they put you on the right path to achieve your goals. Your success is their ultimate motive and they proved that to me during my time there.
Gary Lyons
Gary Lyons
11. October, 2022.
Super gym
Dhru Achtani
Dhru Achtani
29. September, 2022.
I have been training with embody for some time. My current trainer Sari is exceptional. His knowledge and experience helps one to achieve great results.
Mathieu CARRÉ
Mathieu CARRÉ
28. September, 2022.
Having a great experience with Sari, Super nice guy, he’s very knowledgable, and keep good track of your progress !
Maryam G
Maryam G
28. September, 2022.
Embody as a whole was very professional and put together with its clear programs. I had joined the 8 week program where I’d met my trainer Sary and nutritionist John. Both were amazing to me during my time there. Sary had hand picked exercises that were best tailored to my goals as I could see my body change the way I wanted over the weeks. He was always encouraging me to do my best and I continue to do so now even after I’ve finished. I’ll probably go back for a few more sessions because it was the best! All while, John equipped me with good advice on food, sleep and recovery in general. Very good experience overall. Always made to feel at home at Embody.
Emiranda Winter
Emiranda Winter
27. September, 2022.
I did the 8 week transformation at Embody. I’ve never been to a gym before and was very apprehensive. I found Embody to have a different atmosphere, great management and wonderful people working there, and I got amazing results! Thanks to Charlotte and Imogen who trained me. Charlotte is a great trainer with a very empathetic nature who really pushed my physical strength. Imogen understood my needs from the onset and worked out a balanced circuit for me and also proved to me what I was capable of. I highly recommend Embody and especially my trainers Imogen and Charlotte!
Fabienne Buchard
Fabienne Buchard
26. September, 2022.
My trainer Sari has a true dedication and passion for his work. His knowledge, his professionalism and his kindness are making every session so enjoyable. I am a person who needs and enjoys to be challenged and I am really happy how Sari pushes and challenges me to bring me closer to my goals. Thanks Embody & Sari
JH Ebersohn
JH Ebersohn
26. September, 2022.
After not being active during for about 2 years I was searching for a gym which was well reputed and where results are guaranteed to kick start me back into training after covid. I came across embody fitness online and met Dave and decided to join. The gym facility is top class there is no doubt about it. My trainer Max has been guiding me and during our training every session I feel I’m doing the maximum that can be done in each session. During all exercises the trainers are there ensuring all movements are being done correctly, safely and at the optimum. Following the nutrition guidance, trusting the process and being consistent with the training results come naturally. It has been a great process and would recommend it to anyone who is serious about their health, training and results.
Diksha Ahuja
Diksha Ahuja
26. September, 2022.
3 months ago I started exercising with Sari as my trainer in Embody Fitness.
Having tried multiple failed diets and workouts in the past, I decided to give Embody fitness a chance. The results I have experienced in the short span of 3 months is truly transformational. The Embody team know what they are doing! As for my trainer Sari, he’s been my biggest challenger yet loudest cheerleader. He has pushed me beyond what I have imagined, and yet known when to step back. The entire vibe at the gym is so supportive and collaborative. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to start a fitness transformation journey. Don’t be scared, trust the Embody way.

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