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At Embody Fitness, personal training
and diet go hand in hand.


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“What David and the team at Embody Fitness have created is the best fitness and nutrition program I have ever done. Not only did I lose my lockdown weight, but I am in the best shape of my life and have the tools and tips I need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and still have fun!”



“I love Embody Fitness’ professionalism, personal attention and knowledge driven approach to fitness. They will help you not only to get fitter but also understand how your body works, how does nutrition, sleep, activity levels impact your fitness and would give you personalized advice on everything.”




Personal training and nutrition go hand in hand. Our clients come to us because of our fantastic body transformation results.

If you want to get fitter, stronger and healthier and finally get the amazing body that you’ve been craving for years and years, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

However, we won’t get you there if you just put all your efforts into your training. In order to lose weight, gain muscle, tone up or achieve your fitness goals, you need to train properly AND eat a healthy, balanced diet that’s perfectly tailored to your body.

It’s no good eating a diet full of junk food and processed products, then trying to rectify and un-do all the damage in the gym. But, on the other hand, dieting and doing no exercise can sometimes be just as detrimental. This can lead to people gaining unwanted excess skin, or even losing precious muscle mass along with their fat.

Here at Embody, we help you understand the logic and science behind proper training and eating well. Although our personal training and nutrition programmes might take some getting used to at first, we’re confident that our methods will quickly become second nature to you.

By the time you finish your journey with us, you will have a whole new, positive, healthy and well-informed attitude to food, and a new eating pattern that you can maintain in the long term.

Nutrition consultation carried out by nutritionist at Embody Fitness

Nutritionist handing over a healthy drink to a client

The Embody Bar – for your post-workout recovery


Our team of personal training and nutrition coaches take great pleasure from preparing and enjoying healthy and nutrient-rich food.

We love seeing our clients discover the benefits of a good diet for themselves, and how it gives them a positive, upbeat and energetic aura.

We want to help you experience the joy of fueling your body properly, and realise how it can improve your training, and make you feel stronger and more powerful.

However, by ‘healthy eating’ we don’t mean crash dieting, eating nothing but fruit or vegetables or going on a juice cleanse. To us, this is the opposite of eating well and it definitely won’t get you the results you want.

Throughout your eight or 12-week programme with us, we’ll educate you in the world of nutrition, and pass on all the tips and ideas that will transform your body and health.

Our personal training sessions might be fun and enjoyable, but they’re also hard work and our body transformation coaches will always strive to push you beyond your limits.

Therefore, it’s essential that you provide your body with the fuel it needs to recover from these calorie-burning workouts. Your muscles need protein and nutrients in order to rebuild and grow after your strength sessions, and this is what will shape your new body.

However, if you don’t eat enough or you don’t consume the right nutrients, your body can go into a catabolic state and start burning muscle rather than fat. This will have a detrimental effect on your progress and will most likely stop you from building the lean, athletic physique you’re looking for.


Your dedicated personal trainer and nutritionist will put together a unique plan that’s been customised to suit your body and goals.

As your body changes throughout the programme, we continuously adjust your plan to make sure you stay on track towards achieving your goals.  Many of our clients also find that filling in our daily check-in sheets, and listing things like what you ate, how much water you drank and your step count, can really help keep them accountable.

You’ll also be able to join a WhatsApp group with your trainer and nutritionist, allowing you to ask them questions whenever you need some assistance or inspiration.

Nutritionist checking body fat using calipers



We work with clients from across the globe who all have vastly different tastes, preferences and lifestyles.

Therefore, we tend to provide nutrition guides rather than specific daily meal plans. This means that they can be easily adapted and customised with your personal favourite foods, provided they fit into the calories, macros and food groups that we’re recommending of course.

We prefer to focus on helping you understand how much of each dish you should be eating and why, rather than dictating exactly what vegetable or protein source you should be having on each day of the week, and not explaining the reasons behind it.
However, we know that lots of us have very busy lifestyles and commitments. So, if you would rather have your meals prepared for you, we can always link you up with one of our recommended healthy meal plan services. They’ll prepare your weekly meals to match the exact calorie and macro requirements given to them, which will then be delivered straight to your door.

We also provide all our clients with a detailed nutrition guide that includes tones of recipe ideas and useful tips. As a general rule, we always recommend sticking to whole foods. Our coaches always say that if you can’t instantly recognise what an ingredient is, such as pasta or a processed sausage or sauce, then avoid it.
Most of all, by the time you finish your programme, we want you to be in a position where you are eating as much healthy food as possible, and still seeing results. After all, nobody wants to be feeling hungry and calorie counting for the rest of their lives do they?
By following our tried and tested approach and learning all about the science behind nutrition and exercise, we’ll help you find a routine that maintains your new body in the long term.

The Embody journey doesn’t just end as soon as you complete your 8- or 12-week programme. We’ll provide you with valuable skills and knowledge that will change your life forever.



Our Personal Trainers have changed the lives of thousands of clients
and we’d love to do the same for you.

"Before starting at Embody, I trained on my own five times a week and I never thought it would be possible to get results like this. Their whole approach is just on another level and the team are like family to me now."
Muscle and Physique Programme
"Since I started my new job, I’ve managed to gain a lot of weight but Embody has changed absolutely everything about my life and created a training and nutrition plan that is so easy to follow. They’re hands down the best trainers I have ever worked with."
Female Fat Loss Programme
"I’ve struggled with my weight for years and so I was very apprehensive about going to a gym. But the guys at Embody made me feel so welcome from the get-go. Their only goal is to help you change your life and they really have made a positive difference to mine, right from the very first session.”
Male Fat Loss Programme
"Embody is totally different to other gyms in Dubai… it’s friendly, fun and very motivating. The trainers are so professional and they just know how to get you achieving amazing results in no time at all."
Female Fat Loss Programme
“The thing that makes Embody so different to other gyms is how much they care about you. The whole team was there to support me every step of the way, not just while I was in the gym but throughout my busy week they were always on hand and looking after me. The support and dedication from them was something I hadn’t experienced before, and that’s why I achieved results I have never been able to achieve before.”
Muscle and Physique Programme
"I’ve been going to various gyms for years, but I’ve never been able to get results I wanted. However, since I’ve started working out at Embody, my friends tell me I look like a different person. The results just speak for themselves."
Female Fat Loss Programme

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