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  • Train one-on-one with caring, passionate and experienced
    world-class female coaches
  • Achieve rapid fat loss, gain confidence and create a body and life
    you love in just 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Down-to-earth instructors, fun workouts, life-changing results.

“the best gym for real results from the industry’s leading experts”

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“The gym is top notch… state of the art training”

“The best gym in Dubai for personal training”

What makes us better than every other gym in Dubai?

  • 1

    Personalised fat loss plans for females with award-winning, life changing results

  • 2

    The only luxury and private ladies-only gym in Dubai

  • 3

    Team of friendly and supportive weight loss trainers and nutritionists

  • 4

    The only ladies-only gym with elite level, British, female coaches



We show them how to smash it

Trying to keep up with your family responsibilites, juggling a hectic work schedule and attempting to have a decent social life can be exhausting. It’s all-too-easy to get stuck in a rut, let your wellbeing drop way down your list of priorities and end up carrying unwanted body fat and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

Perhaps you’ve started and stopped a few different fitness regimes; you get a sudden burst of motivation but then a few weeks pass and you go right back to the same old habits. Trying to figure out how to drop inches fast without unrealistic diets or endless hours on the treadmill can be overwhelming and confusing. It’s frustrating, right?

If you’ve already reached the realisation that you need to make significant, lasting changes then it’s best to do it quickly, otherwise you could end up even further from where you want to be (and possibly with more serious health issues). So, whether you want to drop a few kilograms to fit back into your clothes, or to simply keep up with the kids, let our female fitness trainers help you make your health and wellbeing a priority again.



Without drastically altering your routine

Our fat loss workout plans are exceptionally flexible and designed to fit naturally into your daily schedule. With us, it can take as little as three hours of exercise a week to achieve exceptional results. So, no matter how often you travel, how hectic your job is, or what commitments you have with your family, we’ll find the perfect weight loss programme to suit your lifestyle. After all, health and wellness should fit smoothly into your life – not disrupt it.

Embody’s body-transformation journey

A complete, five-step approach to rapid, lasting fat lass

Discover the secret to staying motivated, disciplined and consistent – and ultimately achieving your goals.

ladies only training in dubai
1. Comprehensive initial assessment

Your personalised plan begins with a thorough physical assessment, including body composition, fat percentage and full movement analysis and screening. From here we’ll create your own uniquely tailored and easy-to-follow fat loss workout plan for females.

2. Personalised nutrition and supplementation

Nutrition and supplementation are the foundation of your new, lean body. After assessing your needs and requirements we’ll provide you with a simple and effective nutrition plan that’s easy to integrate into your busy lifestyle, doesn’t require hours of preparation in the kitchen and is perfectly suited to your body and its needs. For extra busy professionals, we even deliver to your door through our partnership with Dubai’s freshest, most advanced and delicious meal delivery service.

ladies only gym dubai
3. One-on-one personal training

Train in Dubai’s most exclusive state-of-the-art Olympic-standard gym with dedicated, expert British coaches. Always by your side every step of the way, our trainers are highly sought after by celebrities, influencers, and professional athletes. Known for delivering exceptional results, they’ll keep you motivated with a mix of dynamic, challenging and ever-evolving workouts.

ladies only personal training dubai
4. Rehab, sports therapy and massage

Injuries can be major roadblocks to losing weight. Our highly skilled sports and massage therapists will keep your body in optimum condition throughout your programme and ensure that your fat loss journey has no reason to slow or falter.

5. Constant, real-time monitoring and reporting

Every few weeks, we’ll assess your results and adjust your training programme and nutrition plan accordingly. By constantly focusing on your body transformation results, we ensure that you keep making progress and that your weight loss journey never has the chance to plateau. This regular re-assessment further confirms the progress you’ve made, backing up in figures what you can already clearly see in the mirror.






“Embody isn’t like other gyms; it’s friendly, fun and very motivating. The trainers are so professional and they just know how to get the results you want.”

ladies only personal training


“Since I started at Embody my friends tell me I look like a new person. The results really speak for themselves.”



female fat loss programme

Embark on an incredible life-changing journey

Experience a total mind and body transformation

Our complete fat-loss plans for females are specifically tailored to you, your body and your goals. But we want you to achieve far more than just ‘weight loss’. From the moment you step through our doors, we take you on an inspiring journey that will help you break out of your rut and transform your mind and body.

Built around advanced training, mindset coaching, nutrition, sports therapy and around-the-clock support, our programmes are designed to help you become more confident, feel good (both inside and out) and make changes you can maintain for life.

Exclusive, luxurious personal training

Embody – where working out doesn’t feel like working out

For many people, going to the gym isn’t an enjoyable experience. Lots of fitness centres in Dubai are busy, loud and intimidating, whilst most group classes involve being shouted at by an instructor who doesn’t even know your name. No wonder so many people see exercise as a punishment. Plus, as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s only natural to feel uncomfortable about being crammed into small, sweaty studios with lots of other people.

But at Embody Fitness, we do things differently. We want to help you adjust your mindset and realise that working out doesn’t have to be a chore, instead, it’s a positive step towards gaining a body you love. We offer a highly personalised, one-on-one service that’s individually tailored to your goals, as well as a welcoming, safe and clean environment to train in.

Private, quiet and spacious, we’ve always had significantly less footfall through our 10,000 sq feet space than a standard gym. The wellbeing of our clients and staff is paramount to us, so to help maintain social distancing we have implemented a ten-client capacity limit, deep cleaning routine and many other measures. You can find more details about our new rules and changes over on our dedicated COVID-19 page.

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“the best gym with for real results from experts in the business”

“simply the most private and luxurious training facility in Dubai”ladies personal training dubai

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