What is body transformation?

Body transformation is the process of changing and improving your physical state through the adaptation and improvement of your fitness, nutritional and lifestyle habits. There are numerous ways to achieve this, but if done in the correct way, with the right expert guidance, a body transformation should also be a life transformation with the capacity to drastically improve your mindset, happiness quotient, work performance, mental clarity and overall positivity.

At Embody, our award-winning body transformation programs are fully holistic wellness experiences that work from the inside out, integrating mental health, nutrition and lifestyle changes, complemented by a bespoke and personalised fitness plan.  Our experienced team are not only highly qualified personal trainers, but fully certified sports nutritionists and lifestyle coaches who are committed to helping you achieve total body transformation.

How long does it take to transform your body? How can I completely transform my body?

All individuals are different, and how quickly your body transformation takes depends on what the state of your physical and mental health was when you started your transformation journey as well as your commitment to making meaningful changes in your lifestyle throughout the program.

Most people will notice significant changes to their body composition in a little as four to six weeks, and by 12 weeks new healthy habits will firmly have established themselves in your routine. If you continue in this pattern, you will feel dramatically fitter, healthier and happier.

The key to body transformation is developing healthy routines that fit seamlessly into your everyday life. The coaches at Embody will help you adopt manageable and realistic lifestyle changes that will remain with you long after the your body transformation program concludes, and throughout the rest of your life.

Can your body transform in 12 weeks? (answer with 3 months as synonym)

As mentioned above, if you combine good quality, regular exercise with a healthy and balanced diet, a three-month body transformation is a very realistic target.

At Embody, our 12-week body transformation programmes are designed to help people of shapes, sizes and fitness levels create the body of their dreams.

By doing as little as just three 60-minute workouts a week under the guidance of Embody’s expert transformation coaches, and following a personalised eating plan that has been specifically tailored to your body, you can seamlessly transform your body in no time at all.