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Our 8 & 12 week Body Transformation Programmes are bespokely designed for each
client depending on their specific goals. Through a combination of training, therapy,
nutrition and regular monitoring delivered by a world-class team of experts we deliver
outstanding physical body transformation results.



I came to Embody looking to ‘lose a few kilos’, which had been an elusive goal for a number of years. After just a few weeks I realised we were going to shoot past that goal and beyond. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Seriously. This team are the best in the business with such expert knowledge on strength and conditioning for fat loss, as well as the right nutritional plan which never leaves you hungry. Such a transformative experience to learn the right techniques from the experts.

I’m going to miss the whole Embody team, who all work so well together as a great team with such a positive spirit. Keep it up guys – I may well be back 🙂


Lost 14% body fat



“I was working an office job so had a very sedentary lifestyle. Eventually my weight snowballed; I wasn’t being very active at all. It got to a point where I didn’t feel like myself anymore, I was carrying all this extra weight and everything was much harder than I remember it – I was like, “is this really me?” At that point I knew I had to do something about it. And then I found Embody. The journey at Embody felt like it was customised to me. I was paired with Joshua, my personal trainer, and from the get-go it was really easy to work with him, I felt completely at ease. He would push me and continue to motivate me at the same time which was great. The programme itself wasn’t easy, but the team made it as simple as possible. With the training, all I had to do was show up – everyone else did the rest for me. In terms of the nutrition – the whole programme was shaped around my lifestyle instead of being a short term fix – for example, they could have just given me recipes to cook but instead it was more based around portion control, so over the course of the programme it taught me how to be better with the food that I eat, and be more disciplined – and that worked really well.

In the first 3 months I lost around 20 kilos, so a lot! It’s hard to believe I was carrying all that extra weight. It’s shocking to see how much can change in such a short period of time. The main thing I say to others is that it is entirely possible to get the results that you want, there is only one thing you need to do which is show up and be consistent with the diet – the rest just follows. It’s worth investing a short period of your time in order to make that change happen.”


Lost 20kgs of fat



Training at Embody Fitness has not only transformed my body but changed my life. It provides so much more than bespoke, best in class, premier league personal training. After being overweight for over 20 years I did not believe it would be possible to change. I had limited self-confidence and was full of insecurities which had a negative impact physically, socially and professionally. I made the decision to invest in myself and a commitment to change.

From my initial conversation to final training session the support I received at Embody has been immense. The 360-degree approach works. Even before I stepped on the gym floor I had a musculoskeletal assessment, initial measurements, photographs, nutrition plan and supplements to ensure optimum results.

The team were able to design a programme that worked around restrictions from my hip replacement. The nutrition plan was very straightforward to follow. I liked the way there was no weighing and did not take much preparation time, I could also find something on plan at most restaurants too. Joshua my trainer is truly amazing. He knew exactly how to push me to my limit at each session and I loved hearing my % improvements! The structured, statistical approach works, every rep is recorded. I had never trained with weights previously and now I cannot imagine not lifting – the endorphins! My highlight was having the strength to do chin-ups.

The frequency of check-ins with Greg ensured I stayed on track, reduced the temptation to stray, allowed tweaks to be made to the nutrition plan and most importantly the numbers showed the progress I was making. I was shocked by the numbers and % change at each re-test. Others noticed the changes before I did and I had to learn how to accept compliments rather than bat them away. Training has now become an integral part of my day rather than reluctantly squeezing in a session as a chore. Embody has enabled me to be a much stronger person than I ever believed possible, not only physically but in all aspects of my life.


Lost 18.6% body fat



“I moved to a new country, started a new job and moved in with my fiancé, all really exciting things, but that also meant there were significant changes in my life and routine. With my upcoming wedding, I decided I was going to get into the best shape of my life to help me feel amazing, concur a goal that I set for myself and ensure that I felt great on my big day. Embody was the only place I came across that understood my goals and was serious about making sure I accomplished them.

During the initial consultation I had already made up my mind that I was going to fully commit to the process and take onboard the coaching from the Embody team. The team made me feel comfortable and motivated from the initial consultation and throughout the entire process. The strength of Embody Fitness is that it’s an all-around approach. It is about health, nutrition, fitness and – most importantly – it’s about tracking and measuring, this certainly helps to keep you accountable to the results you set out to achieve in the first place. The MyZone heart rate monitors keep everyone accountable as to how hard they are working through every workout. Sometimes you can convince yourself you are working hard but the heart rate monitor doesn’t lie, and your trainer will not let you get away with taking it easy! Just when you think you can’t get any leaner or stronger the team will push you harder to achieve beyond what you thought possible. The team, and my personal trainer Vicky, were incredibly motivating, knowledgeable and sometimes scary when I got off-track. This continuous support has really helped my confidence in the gym, and has helped me to understand that lifting heavy weights doesn’t mean a bulky frame.

I feel amazing and everyone has noticed. My family and friends think I am in the best shape of my life and they keep asking what I am doing! I would say to anyone who is serious about making a commitment to themselves to put their health and fitness first that Embody is the place to go to ensure you achieve your goals. The team is like a family and they all check on you to make sure you are enjoying the process and getting the most out of it.”


Lost 2kgs body fat



“Training with Embody’s personal training team has been a life changing experience. I still can’t quite believe the results I have achieved in just 12 weeks and I finally have the figure I’ve always wanted. My trainer Tara Gadre was lovely and really kept me motivated throughout the workouts and always gave me the encouragement I needed to get the best out of every session. Having my nutrition managed separately was a real bonus as this was something I’d always struggled with. The food plans offered tasty recipes which were simple to follow and made things easy to stick to, and the constant monitoring and adjustments to my diet really helped keep me on track.

At the end of my 12 weeks I have lost 14kg , 14% body fat and I am now a size 8. Most importantly I feel absolutely amazing and I can’t thank the team enough.”


Lost 14kg fat

Lost 14% body fat



I joined embody in January after researching options at the end of 2016. I work three days a week in London, traveling from Edinburgh and 2 years of living in hotels for part of the week had seriously impacted me. I felt out of shape and exhausted and was gutted as I had been fit and healthy before. Embody have seriously changed the game for me – it was just the intervention I needed to reset the dial. Greg sorted my eating plan and after 3 weeks of training I saw significant changes in my body. 6 weeks in and my body fat had fallen from 22% to 15% and my lean body mass is up by 1kg. I feel amazing and my clothes fit perfectly again. The team at embody are so supportive and encouraging and make the process enjoyable and fun. I’m absolutely loving it and can’t recommend it enough.


Lost 11% body fat

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